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Selecting the right person for the job can mean the difference between success and failure for any organization. Selection decisions must meet the needs of the candidate and the organization, over time, to ensure success. Should a selection process incorporate a comprehensive view beyond just matching job requirements? We think so, and help you focus on important factors to consider including cultural fit, academic and professional credentials and affiliations, technical skills, knowledge and a deep dive into personality for aptitudes.

How It Works

A key component of maintaining organizational health is understanding the talents of each member and how they function as a team. We evaluate and help to place talent in the right roles where they will thrive, support the organization’s purpose and contribute to key experiences for others to learn from.

We take a behavior-based approach to interviewing and selection, allowing the candidate and the organization to reflect on past performance and future opportunities. This approach assesses candidates based on related and transferable experiences. The opportunity to discover talents, skills, competencies and past experience is a valuable predictor of future success. It’s also a value proposition for potential hires since it’s all based on your culture and core traits.

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