Our focus is achieving organizational health.

"After a short “get to know each other” period the Brent Consulting Group actually feels like an internal teammate rather than an outside consultant."
Wes Jackson
President, Monogram Foods - Memphis, TN
"BCG’s model of a Trust hierarchy which allows for the quick processing of Artificial Harmony turned out to be a key element of the growth we experienced in the last 5 years."
Paulo Teixeira
Former Global Chief Executive Officer, The Juice Plus+ Company - Memphis, TN
“Warren Brent and his team have helped our organization develop healthy teams and effective leaders. Further, they are very skilled at developing these individuals and teams consistent with our company values and culture.”
Jeff Stone
Executive Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie - Birmingham, AL
"Warren has a financial acumen rather uncommon for experts in human capital. This enables Warren help me drive our team to our ultimate goal of building value for our shareholders."
Gary Giles
Former CEO, International Nutrition and Wellness - Dallas, TX
"I would highly recommend BCG to anyone that is looking for improvement across the board in a way that brings lasting results."
Scott Duckworth
Regional Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie - Raleigh, NC
"Each person, family, and business entity is different, and Warren is very gifted with the ability to diagnose each unique situation and explore multiple potential strategies to address weaknesses and leverage strengths."
Jim Gorrie
Chief Executive Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC - Birmingham, AL
"All of us who have participated in the Brent Consulting Group Model have an increase in productivity as well as a newfound and lasting confidence in ourselves and those around us."
Douglas Arscott
President, The Juice Plus+ Company - Toronto, Canada
"The results have been breathtaking as he has the ability to defuse artificial harmony and cut through matters that help empowers team to function at a high level."
Simon Bowler
Vice President, Global Partner Relations -The Juice Plus+ Company - London, UK
"Instead of imparting trendy or fad-based solutions on the organization... BCG brings a refreshing approach to organizational health. They form relationships with company leadership to fully understand the organizational culture and bring solutions that fit the culture and the context of the business need."
Tom Garrett
Chief HR Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie - Birmingham, AL
"It’s now been 2 years and I am proud to say that Warren has accomplished everything I hoped he would."
Karl Schledwitz
CEO, Monogram Foods - Memphis, TN
"I tell our employees all the time, that the model has helped our senior leadership become better teammates, better leaders, and we think - better people."
Sean Hopkins
Chief Operations Officer, North America - The Juice Plus+ Company - Memphis, TN
"Brent Consulting Group was able to effectively and tactfully address needed changes at the individual and leadership team level by moving our organization into healthy conflict and dialogue, clarity of mission and ongoing personal development."
Paul Alexander
President & CEO, Northbound Treatment Services - Newport Beach, CA
"Their counsel, guidance, and analytical skills have been invaluable in helping us identify blind spots that had the potential to negatively impact the growth potential of our firm...They truly make a difference."
Marc S. Rowland
Former Principle, TMPartners, PLLC - Nashville, TN

Brent Consulting Group


Through our unique process, we guide organizations to develop

Relational Leaders, Healthy Teams, Engaged Employees

leading to more success, meaning and profit.

Brent Consulting Group

Our Focus is Achieving Organizational Health.

The key to sustaining a healthy company culture is relational leadership that supports, empowers, and engages employees. At Brent Consulting Group, we believe authentic leadership fosters an environment where employees have high morale, minimal politics and confusion, emotionally connected to their colleagues, and thus more productive.

A healthy organization can differentiate you from your competitors.

We find ways to help you look beyond the “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Organizational Health starts with where you are and through the process, BCG gets you to where you want to be.

Warren Brent B&G LDC10

Relational Vs. Transactional

We value relationships over transactions. We want to be a part of your story and provide the best experience so changes are real and lasting.


Positive teams that trust each other are more productive, creative and resilient which helps improve your organization’s overall effectiveness.


Reduced attrition, employees engaged in meaningful work, healthy relationships which results in increased productivity, innovation and profitability.

Organizational Health

Brent Consulting Group

We Are Change Agents

We Listen


We Cultivate

Leader Goes First

We Nurture

Maximized Results

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