BCG was founded in 2005 as a means to support the organizational health of a wide scope of industries. We have partnered globally with companies of all sizes, from publicly traded to nonprofit boards. Our clients are on the forefront of leadership, management, and company culture. BCG’s organizational health model empowers your leaders to be more authentic and emotionally available to their teams. Our results are deeply trusting teams, highly engaged employees, healthier work environments, more meaning, and ultimately more profitable companies.

Warren Brent has been very helpful to me both professionally and personally over the last 10 years. At the core of his work is establishing healthy and transparent relationships that lead to more meaningful, strategic, and efficient actions. Each person, family, and business entity is different, and Warren is very gifted with the ability to diagnose each unique situation and explore multiple potential strategies to address weaknesses and leverage strengths. At Brasfield & Gorrie, our plan is to continue to grow and explore new frontiers. Warren’s input is always very helpful to us as we identify and develop our leadership teams accordingly.
Jim Gorrie
Chief Executive Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC - Birmingham, AL
I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Brent Consulting. Our company and I have been working with Warren and his team for over 6 years now and the results and improvements he has helped us make are invaluable and have played a huge part in our success and also individual success. Brent Consulting has worked with our group as a team at the executive level, project team level and also with several individually. All groups have benefited greatly from the work achieved with Warren and his team. Their ability to come in and evaluate the current climate, situation and overall health of a team and individual is impressive. But more to that, is this has allowed BCG to custom tailor solutions that have improved who we are and how we function as a team and company. The results are a higher functioning team leading others and achieving great things all within a culture of success. Their tag line references this and I can attest that is true. Personally, I have been helped in ways that have improved my life and career and I always fall back on what I have learned to improve. I can’t say enough good things. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for improvement across the board in a way that brings lasting results.
Scott Duckworth
Regional Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie - Raleigh, NC
I first met Warren Brent in 2014 when he began working with the leadership team at Juice Plus where I was a senior executive.  His work was so transformative to our success, I sought Warren out when I joined a new company, INW, and became its CEO.  AT INW, we are one of the world’s largest contract manufacturing organizations that serves the global health and wellness industries.  Warren has immersed himself into our culture and into several key relationships.  I could not imagine being successful without him.  Warren is much more than a “consultant” he is a true thought partner in culture and leadership.  Warren challenges me as a CEO, and he does the same with our team.  I have seen him turn bitter rivals into the strongest of mutual supporters.  Warren has a financial acumen rather uncommon for experts in human capital.  This enables Warren help me drive our team to our ultimate goal of building value for our shareholders.  Warren learns, he is “all-in”, and he is incredibly valuable.  Warren is a must-have for me as a CEO and for our team. 
Gary Giles
Former CEO, International Nutrition and Wellness - Dallas, TX
Warren Brent and his team have helped our organization develop healthy teams and effective leaders. Further, they are very skilled at developing these individuals and teams consistent with our company values and culture.
Jeff Stone
Executive Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie - Birmingham, AL
Warren helps turn individuals from managers to relational leaders by improving collaboration and trust.  He is able to generate a culture of accountability among teams while reducing inter-office and company politics.  Brent Consulting Group seamlessly adapted to our natural cultural differences inherent in having offices in the US, Europe and Canada.  All of us who have participated in the Brent Consulting Group Model have an increase in productivity as well as a newfound and lasting confidence in ourselves and those around us. 
Douglas Arscott
President, The Juice Plus+ Company - Toronto, Canada
Warren has worked with our company at a senior level both in North American and Europe to help improve team dynamics and help foster authenticity within our leadership team. The results have been breathtaking as he has the ability to defuse artificial harmony and cut through matters that help empowers team to function at a high level. Whilst the process can be difficult to undertake for some team members, I believe for companies to excel in this day and age they need to invest in their leadership development. I can’t speak highly enough of Warren and all at the Brent Consulting Group.
Simon Bowler
Vice President Global Partner Relations, The Juice Plus+ Company - London, UK
Instead of imparting trendy or fad-based solutions on the organization... BCG brings a refreshing approach to organizational health. They form relationships with company leadership to fully understand the organizational culture and bring solutions that fit the culture and the context of the business need. I have personally observed improvement among individuals, teams and overall team function that yield greater business outcomes that would not have been possible before. Most importantly, the change is real and permanent because it is internal change built upon a foundation of trust.
Tom Garrett
Chief HR Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie - Birmingham, AL
Two and half years ago I was having a networking lunch with a fellow Memphis businessman. At the time his company was about 700 Million dollars in revenue close to the same size as Monogram. During the luncheon I learned that over the previous 3 years this company had literally doubled its EBITDA. I asked my colleague what was the key thing that he could point to that led to this marvelous turnaround. Without hesitation he told me if he had to narrow it down to one thing it would be the hiring of Warren Brent. At that point I had never heard of Warren and needless to say, I started asking a lot of questions about who he was and what he did. My colleague went on to describe in great detail how Warren came into the organization and got the team trusting one another and working together to solve common goals. It sounds simple but as we all know getting senior management totally aligned trusting one another and working together in a coordinated effort for a common goal is much harder than it sounds. As I learned more about how Warren did it, I set out to meet Warren. When I first met Warren, I did not feel like I was interviewing him, I felt like he was interviewing me. It was obvious Warren wanted to make sure that I and my colleagues were willing to make the necessary sacrifice and commitment to follow his blueprint. It’s now been 2 years and I am proud to say that Warren has accomplished everything I hoped he would. We have just renewed Warren for the third year and my entire team now considers Warren an integral part of our Senior Management. Warren is truly one of a kind and my only regret is that I did not start using him earlier in my career.
Karl Schledwitz
CEO, Monogram Foods - Memphis, TN
Warren and the Brent Consulting Group have played a key role in helping us build a better functioning leadership team. They have a very unique process that builds upon a proven set of processes and tactics; but they focus on getting to know the teams personally and therefore the process feels very customized to the client.  Warren and his team have an uncanny ability to connect personally with everyone.  After a short “get to know each other” period, the Brent Consulting Group actually feels like an internal teammate rather than an outside consultant.  We were so pleased with the results; we expanded the relationship to our middle management and plant teams.
Wes Jackson
President, Monogram Foods - Memphis, TN
Brent Consulting Group has been of transformational help to The Juice Plus+ Company as we invested in improving the Culture and de-siloing the Company. BCG’s model of a Trust hierarchy which allows for the quick processing of Artificial Harmony turned out to be a key element of the growth we experienced in the last 5 years as it provided for faster, more focused decision making by the Senior Executive Team. I highly recommend BCG to enterprises limited by territorial behavior, managers that are task versus leadership based and far flung operations that must, but do not act in unison.
Paulo Teixeira
Former Global Chief Executive Officer, The Juice Plus+ Company - Memphis, TN
Warren’s model is easy to understand, easy to practice, and easy to realize benefits from, when practiced. I tell our employees all the time, that the model has helped our senior leadership become better teammates, better leaders, and we think - better people. I truly believe that the improvements Warren helped us make to function highly as a team - created an appetite to do more as a team and proceed to untap potential in our brand. Our European team now considers themselves “Warrenteed”! We are at the next level! Warren met us where we were at - and helped us get to where we wanted to go.
Sean Hopkins
Chief Operations Officer, The Juice Plus+ Company - Memphis, TN
Warren was a tremendous asset to our organization and instrumental to our success during a time of transition. Our company was rapidly growing and experiencing a need for process improvements, role clarification, leadership development and strategic planning. Brent Consulting Group was able to effectively and tactfully address needed changes at the individual and leadership team level by moving our organization into healthy conflict and dialogue, clarity of mission and ongoing personal development. Over ten years later, we're still utilizing the tools BCG provided to us and truly appreciate the lessons learned during their engagement with us. They gave us a solid foundation on which to build a world class company!
Paul Alexander
President & CEO, Northbound Treatment Services - Newport Beach, CA
The Brent Consulting Group team has provided us with the tools that we need to increase the performance of our management team and key personnel. Their counsel, guidance, and analytical skills have been invaluable in helping us identify blind spots that had the potential to negatively impact the growth potential of our firm. We are now beginning to realize the potential of our entire team and are thankful for their ability to help us realize our vision. They truly make a difference.
Marc S. Rowland
Former Principal, TMPartners, PLLC - Nashville, TN

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