Debbie’s career has focused on developing and executing targeted business initiatives that drive customer growth and achieve business objectives. Her expertise includes strategy, compliance, acquisitions, talent management, policies/procedures, organizational development, employee relations, employee benefits and retirement plans. She’s a highly effective communicator and team leader with proven ability to build long-term relationships across internal and external customer environments built with integrity, confidence and trust. 

Most recently, Debbie served as the vice president of human resources for a global, Tier 1 automotive manufacturer. In addition, she has experience in transportation, logistics, business process improvement, supply chain management and operations.

 As an executive coach, Debbie is a servant leader at heart and leads by example. She believes that developing a team’s strengths, empowering employees and providing a strategic and achievable vision provides a solid foundation for organizational success. In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending quality time with her husband and friends grilling out and playing board games.  She also has a passion for singing in the church choir.     |     615-450-4614     |