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Facilitation of Roles

For leaders to succeed in their roles and help their team and organization perform better, they need to know what they naturally do best. You need to know how to use your talents to accomplish whatever your role demands. These may be new elements, or familiar tasks you are strong in facilitating. A great leader must also support the team around them in discovering their talents and developing them to be successful in their careers. In instances when employees do not feel motivated and empowered to be successful in their role, they need leaders to help them find ways to use further their strengths and grow in their opportunities.

Using valid and reliable assessment techniques, BCG can help you identify individual strengths, behaviors, opportunities to grow, ways to feel engaged all while using that knowledge to effectively lead your team. We customize our tools to your culture and needs, aligning with your company’s purpose.

When teams are aware of each other’s strengths they have better communication, engagement, performance and are more relational.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

– Bill Gates

How It Works

At BCG, we work with leaders in the context of their team and use an organizational health model that elevates the culture, teams and leaders with traits that are best for them. We get to the heart of your organization and purpose.

What stands us apart is our carefully designed comprehensive BCG 360 Leadership Assessment. We take the time to develop a customized 360 Leadership Assessment to your company and tailored to each Subject.

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