Build Relationships For Recruiting

The key to recruiting the best employees? Investing in building relationships and monitoring potential connections. Check out these 2 quick tips by LinkedIn: How Recruiters Can Stay Resilient in a Crisis

Leadership Trends for 2020

“Leadership in 2020 will be simple: no nonsense, less ceremony. The age of stale leadership philosophy has ended. The new age of trust, honesty, and personal initiative has finally begun.” Great article by Inc. Magazine ! #trust#honesty#2020leadershiptrends#personable#vulnerable

Are You An Introverted Leader?

All personality types can lead. Your Myer’s Briggs type or enneagram number aren’t an excuse. Instead, understanding your personality type can help you harness your strengths and collaborate with others in areas of weakness. #personalitytype#introvert#extrovert#leadership#teamwork

Finding Your Focus

It is easier than ever to become busier than ever. With that, we can actually lose focus and productivity. At Brent Consulting Group, LLC we love to help people recognize and achieve their goals. This article by Nashville Business Journal has 6 great tips…

Leading From Hurt vs Heart

“[Pain] often takes the shape of an insatiable appetite for recognition and success, of unproductive competition, and, on occasion, of having zero tolerance for risk.” This excellent blog post by Brené Brown provides great #perspective to start your week! #DaretoLead#leadership#emotionalintelligence#healthyrelationships