EQ: Handling a Crisis

No matter who you are, these 4 Emotional Intelligence Skills for handling crisis are sure to help with navigating our current moment in history. https://www.kornferry.com/insights/articles/emotional-intelligence-skills-coronavirus-leadership # emotionalintelligence #brentconsultinggroup#brentcg#brentconsultinggroupllc

EQ and Goal Setting

In this present moment, perhaps some of us have a little more time to reflect and think about what matters to us. As you prioritize, check out these 3 ways that emotionally intelligent leaders set goals. https://www.inc.com/michael-schneider/3-ways-emotionally-intelligent-leaders-set-great-goals.html #brentcg#brentconsultinggroup#brentconsultinggroupllc#goalsetting2020

5 Toxic Phrases

Caution: Toxic! Are you unknowingly communicating using language that does more harm than good to a conversation? Using intentional language is a simple fix that makes a big difference. Take a look at these 5 phrases to avoid using compiled…